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Buy Raw Honeycomb Our History Henan mingshengfeng Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has developed from a small family beekeeping farm to a comprehensive group company with an annual output value of over 100 million RMB. Through the efforts of three generations: In 1958, grandfather Gary Guo called on his family to start the beekeeping business together. After 20 years of efforts, he developed into a small company with 50 employees and three beekeeping farms. Mainly engaged in the production and sales of bee products. In 1978, uncle Kevin Guo took over the company, and we ushered in a leap forward growth. During this period, we have built a large number of standardized beekeeping farms and expanded the preliminary production and sales scale of bee products. In addition, we have also built new production plants to increase the processing and sales of simple bee tools and equipment and bee products. Since 2009, under the leadership of Mr. Meng Guo, the third generation leader, we have upgraded and built a modern bee farm, introduced a variety of new production lines, so that we have the production and manufacturing capacity of a full range of bee tools and equipmeng , self-research and cooperation in the construction of bee product production line... All these efforts have made our product quality smoothly meet international standards. While further stabilizing our domestic market share, we have also successfully developed and rapidly expanded our international business. Our Factory Today, not only we have more than 200 bee farms, but build large-scale comprehensive warehouses (support long-term refrigerated and frozen storage), laboratories and seven major factories: wood products processing factory, plastic products factory, hardware processing factory, machinery and equipment manufacturing factory, protective clothing production factory, bee product processing factory and custom packaging factory. Our Product Our company mainly operates 2 categories and 1 series of products: Bee equipment: beehive, beekeeping tools, beekeeping machinery, beekeeping equipment, protective wearing. Bee products: Honey, beeswax, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly Product Application Our products are numerous, among which bee appliances are mainly used for beekeeping. Bee products are mostly used in food and health products, daily cosmetic products, handicrafts and others, and some of them are used in the fields of aquaculture industry lubrication teaching tools. For specific application of a single product, please refer to the detailed introduction page of the corresponding product or consult our sales manager of the corresponding product. Our Certificate Since establishment, our company has strictly complied with laws and regulations, and has successively obtained the general certification of SGS field certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, GMP workshop certification and food production license. For specific products, please consult our corresponding product sales manager for the documents for your custom clearance and market access qualification for specific products such as: inspection report, product certification, design and patent authorization, etc. Production Equipment In order to maintain competitive prices and stable quality, it is necessary for us to introduce in the latest production equipment: Bee products production equipment: metal tank, vacuum machine, centrifuge, dehumidifier, dryer, and for other various purposes of dust remover filter, along with other mechanical equipment for specific products Bee equipment production equipment: wood cutting machine, slotting machine, other automatic finishing tools, wax boiling machine, painting equipment, plastic products production machinery, hardware products production machinery, honey machine production line, foundation sheet machine production line, polishing machine,. metal cutting machine, laser printer, etc Packaging machine: filling machine, plastic bag sealing machine, bottle sealing machine, printer, printing machine, automatic packaging machine Laboratory equipment: microscope refractometer, electro-thermal incubator, electric blast, constant temperature drying chamber, pressure sterilizer and analysis instruments for various specific products Please consult our product sales manager for the processing and production of specific products and the mechanical equipment involved. Production Market In more than half a century of working, we have always attached great importance to the common interests of upstream and downstream partners, and did not blindly expand in order to ensure quality of our products and delivery time. With this standard, we have steadily developed and gradually won more customers' trust and market share. Before 2009, domestic market contributed most of our sales, and the main products were bee appliances and bee products, and we were also laying out for international market shares. After 2009, international market has contributed more than half of our sales. Our products are sold to North America, Australia, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Central Asia and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. Our products are directly or indirectly supply the head online and offline distributors of pharmaceutical factory and health products factory, and personal offline supermarket chain stores such as Amazon, eBay and others. In recent years, the quantity of small batch customization products in fine processing has grown most rapidly, and it has been welcomed by small and medium-sized enterprises. Our Service Since the establishment, our company has taken quality and service as the basis of our development. For a long time, we have established and improved a systematic service system by collecting the opinions and suggestions of customers and combining our own industry experience Before placing an order: bilingual sales manager will help you and try to meet customer needs (if there is any order, senior product consultant will join in for assistance); select the appropriate transportation mode (air, sea, railway transportation, some products may need frozen transportation) according to the product list; confirm the value and freight of goods After order: sales team submits the order information and delivery date to the supply chain team: there is inventory, and the goods are delivered after packaging; if there is no inventory, the factory is informed to deliver the goods after the completion of production Before receiving: customer checks the quantity of products, and checks whether the products are damaged, the quantity is correct. If there is no damage, then goods are confirmed. If there is any damage caused by transportation, please inform our bilingual sales manager. We will assist you in applying for compensation from the freight company and sending the corresponding products again. After receiving: bilingual sales manager provides online installation and application guidance, and applies for senior product consultant assistance for you when necessary.Buy Raw Honeycomb website:http://www.msfbees.com/