Heroes and heroines

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She hesitated for a while and then found the key point. "Think about it, which is more humiliating to publicly admit that Ying Wang Ye's nephew did not do his job well and made a mistake, or to marry his granddaughter and nephew?" 。

Press Deng Jiugong in the book and don't mention it. He said that since Master An had left, he had arranged for the in-laws to move. He and his wife moved to the new house on the west side of the ancestral hall, and the furniture was properly placed. Looking at the tile-roofed house on his head, the brick floor under his feet, the fragrant tea and rice in his mouth, and the gold-plated hairpin and silk jacket all over his body, the old man and his wife were very satisfied. Master Yi An and Mrs. An had to offer tea and food, and the two of them had to say goodbye again and again. Master An asked his daughter to give him a pension because he had not used the one hundred taels of gold that he had delivered to Miss He to send to Zhang Jinfeng at Nengren Temple that day. Zhang Lao is also good at managing the house, so that dozens of strings of money come into the door every month. The two of them, however, still worked as hard as if they were living in the countryside, and when they were too slow, they felt that the sun and the moon were calm. It's just that the two of them often have to come to the front to have a look, but there's only one housekeeper at home. It's inconvenient to use Master An's family, and even if they hire someone outside who doesn't know the root, they don't feel at ease. He was also used to keeping the score, and refused to learn the way of the little man when he had only a few pennies, so he immediately added some new tricks and made a follower. But they are also in a dilemma. Who would have thought that there was a coincidence that the Yanbei idlers had gathered two more people for him. Who do you think this man is? It turned out in the seventh chapter that the relative he was taking his daughter to Jingdong that day was the elder brother of Mrs. Zhang's family. The man's surname is Zhan and his given name is Dian. He has a nickname called Guang'er. He took his family to a grain store in Jingdong to manage the accounts for others, and raised a son there. Because she was born on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, she was called Aqiao. That Aqiao was only eleven or twelve years old, and she had a good sleep. Zhan Dian lived in Jingdong for more than ten years, but he also earned dozens of silver in his waist. After that, he quit because he had changed his employer. If he wanted to take his wife and children home, he would buy a few acres of land with the silver. He got up from there to go back to Henan. It was Mr. and Mrs. Zhang who had brought their daughter to the east of Beijing. On the way, they crossed each other and never met each other. When he got home, he encountered a plague epidemic after the drought. Zhan Dian had suffered some wind and frost on the way, and when he got home, he was infected with the disease. He could not afford to get sick. He died. His wife also spent a lot of money to send her husband, and apart from the money on the way, there was little silver left,Walking measuring wheel, so she had to take a teenage son to get by. At this moment, when I saw the villagers who had come back from Beijing, eight out of ten of them said, "Honest Zhang here went to Jingdong to seek marriage. He didn't want to recruit a son-in-law from an official family in Beijing on the way. Now he has gone to the capital with his son-in-law to enjoy a happy life." When Zhan Dian's wife heard this, she thought that she was helpless and the child was small, so she took the Henan millet grain boat to Beijing and went to Zhang Lao to find a bowl of ready-made tea and rice to eat. I got off the boat from Tongzhou and asked all the way here, just two days before Zhang Lao moved. Master Ann and Mrs. Ann were the first to be willing to do something convenient, so they decided to leave it to him, killing two birds with one stone and helping the whole family, which is called "Don't be too small to do good". You see, his family is always doing things like this. Why doesn't God protect him in the dark? Don't mention gossip. It was said that Master An had just settled down the in-laws, and in two days it was Miss Ho's new full moon. Because he had no mother's home and no place to live in the opposite moon, he ordered his husband and wife to go to the ancestral temple of He Gong to salute. Old Zhang and his wife now live close to each other, and they have a home. They get up early in the morning and go to the ancestral temple in the east to prepare for the east. Hou An's son and Miss He saluted and invited them to his house for breakfast, and their daughter, fish measuring tape ,Walking tape measure, Miss Zhang, was also invited. He also bought some meat, slaughtered a chicken, and only his sister-in-law Zhan and Aqiao bought and cooked one by one, which also made some honest farmhouse customs. As soon as the three of them had eaten enough, they came back, and in the evening my uncle and wife invited them over. At that time, because the eldest lady of Chu got up and vacated the West Ear Room, the uncle's wife still moved there, and the childe alloy and jade sisters had dinner there, and did not come here until they got up. Go to the upper room first, wait for parents and parents-in-law to settle down, and then go back to the room together. Two days later, Mrs. Ann ordered people to put together the useless tinware, porcelain, hangers, basin racks and other items in the bridal chamber, and still installed the green gauze cabinet in the trough and separated it from the inner and outer rooms. Miss Chang was in high spirits to arrange for this elder sister, with her two little feet trembling. She brought a group of Mammy, servants, and maidservants, and tidied up the paving and pasting as if they were in her own room. Sure enough, he moved the small photo of the three of them to this side of the bedroom, hung the slingshot and the precious knife on his left and right, and placed the round inkstone on the table in front of the small photo, which summed up the novel story of a happy marriage between the three of them. Miss He also helped him get on the table and on the bench. The two of them talked to each other for a while, laughed for a while, and for a moment they really enjoyed their children's boudoir. Pity an childe after he two that day a stir, early set up a "soar into the sky, blockbuster" ambition, want to let his sister see me this an dragon matchmaker can be sealed to the point of Marquis husband! So after Deng Jiugong left, he hurriedly tidied up the study and buried his head in a cold and cheerless way, together with the sages of more than three generations. It was not until the second drum that they returned to the room that the gold and jade sisters quickly stood up and offered to sit down. Miss Zhang asked, "Look, how is the room I cleaned up for my sister?" Childe looked inside and outside, say: "Very good, very good.". Unduly laborious! Miss Zhang said, "We've been making trouble all day, but you haven't come to help us.". It was my sister's business, but how dare you work! "Why can't you say a good word?" Asked the young man! It's not that I don't want to help. If I don't like to do these elegant things like hanging pictures and burning incense, it's also that I deceive you two. After I accept your teaching, I deeply realize that these things are the most harmful to hard work. Therefore, the ancients said, 'Those who pay attention to insects and fish must not be open and aboveboard.' That's the intention. You just let me put my head in the "Confucius said in the poem", and when I really cheat the Juren into the earth, I will cast two golden houses to store you two, which is all right. Not as strong as today's help? The two sisters, Jin and Yu, did not want the words of that day to provoke him,tape measure clip, but also secretly rejoiced that he had succeeded. Miss Ho said, "What my sister said was naughty. In fact, it wasn't the girls who cleaned it up. The two of us only stirred it up for a while.". But he just said that he would embroider a plaque for me and hang it on the door of the bedroom. You can think of three words. 。 tapemeasure.net