The best evil emperor

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You come with me." Mu Chenyi took a look at Yan Jiaojiao, and then turned to the next carriage.

Hearing this, Meng Gan laughed and shook his head. Then I replied, "I don't know who those people are, but the word" cloud "is written on the weapons of those soldiers. As for why those robbers can easily kill more than one thousand soldiers, of course, it's not how good their martial arts are, but the terrain of Black Wind Cliff is good. Those soldiers are basically killed by Yin." If you do the math, more than 1,700 soldiers died, while less than 150 of the robber dumplings died. What's the difference? The robber dumplings took advantage of the terrain. The Black Wind Cliff area was dominated by the steep terrain. Otherwise, they wouldn't have set up a nest there. It was because it was easy to work there. This time I listen to fierce dry words, really have spectrum in my heart, that is indeed the two princes with troops, Liu Yuxi said in the letter, the three thousand chosen men is the old woman let the two princes in Yunzhou to get, Yunzhou has a large number of soldiers gathered, is a soldier gathering place, so all the weapons of Yunzhou will be written on the word "cloud", but two princes are really enough style, three big three thousand soldiers, I didn't even know that I was killed by more than one thousand people. Speaking of more than one thousand people, they all accounted for more than half of the total. More than seventeen hundred. Haha, now he still has more than twelve hundred good soldiers. It seems that the robber of Black Wind Cliff helped me a lot this time. He helped me kill more than half of the forces of the two princes. This is really God's help. By this time,stainless steel tile trim, I really want to thank the old man, but he helped me a lot, if according to Menggan, where the terrain is really easy to Yin people, even with my mind, it is estimated that when I react, my people will lose at least one fifth, even if I react. It is estimated that I will lose half of my troops if I use the art of war in the book of war to deal with the robbers in the unfavorable terrain,stainless tile trim, because a considerable part of my troops are boatmen who don't know martial arts. How can I fight? I will be tired when the time comes to go to sea, and even if there are more than a dozen walkers and the demon emperor to help the team hold out for a long time, I guess that since the terrain can kill so many people so quickly, it is estimated that the robbers are using such long-range weapons as arrows, but these are not important, since there are fierce dry them, I think I will pass the Black Wind Cliff without losing a single soldier this time. I didn't expect that I bumped into the old man by accident and kindly helped him a little, but he returned me such a big favor. So, it's not important to mix anything in Jianghu, but friends are the most important. With this in mind, I was even more grateful to Meng Gansheng. I held his fist and said, "Since it's so dangerous, thanks to Brother Meng's timely help this time. Thank you very much." You're welcome, you're welcome. When Menggan saw that he had been thanked twice by me, he felt a little embarrassed. He spared his hair and told me to go back to the sedan chair first. Then he shouted at his men, "Little ones, stainless steel tile edge trim ,aluminium tile trim profiles, let's go." "Good.." As soon as Meng Gan's voice was finished, there came the earth-shaking response. I was walking in the direction of the sedan chair accompanied by the demon emperor, but I couldn't help but be shocked by the heroic voice of the heroic dry cloud. I looked back at the bandits and thought that it would be of great benefit to make such rude friends sometimes. When I returned to the sedan chair, the army had set out again, but this time there were more than one hundred robbers to open the way for us as the vanguard. Originally, I thought it was unnecessary for the robbers to escort me, but now my idea has completely changed. Fortunately, they escorted me. Otherwise, it is estimated that my plan to go to sea will change, because when my team passed the Black Wind Cliff, I don't know how many people will be killed or injured. Alas, I shiver when I think of it. Fortunately, I have the help of the old man this time. Next time I go back to the Wind and Dust Inn, I must have a good drink with him. Now that I have these men to help me clear the way, I am relieved about the rest of the journey, so now without any consideration, my mood has eased a lot. At this time, after I got on the sedan chair, I first found that Yan Ni was startled, thinking that someone else had opened the curtain of the sedan chair. As soon as I saw it, she immediately showed her professional and hypocritical smile. Now she still protects her chest with her clothes, and her whole body shrinks in the corner of the sedan chair. But when she saw me, she no longer covered up her shame and put her clothes aside lightly. Then he slowly moved the whole body to my side, stroking my tiger's back and whispering, "My Lord, you can come back, Xiao Ni misses you so much." I looked at her with a smile and pinched her little face. "What's the matter?" I said. "I haven't seen you for a while and you're so reluctant to give up this adult?" "Yes, just now the adults made the little girl so unbearable, you are really necrotic." She smiled charmingly and pretended to act like a spoiled child and made a leer at me, which made me more interested than before, and at the moment because her body was not lying flat, but sitting upright, so the two white hairs between her chest were more attractive than when she was sleeping. Then one hand held her crisp chest, which trembled slightly because of the movement of her body, and the long-lost wonderful touch was passed on to her hand again. In addition, her whole body was pressed on me at the moment. My lower body was pressed by her jade buttocks, and it was held up to the limit. I licked the corners of my mouth, and I couldn't help laughing. I took off all my clothes. Then I held her in my arms in the posture of Guanyin sitting lotus, pulled down her pants quickly and fiercely, and now she was only wearing small underwear. I sucked her gently in the tip of her breasts, then held the top of her underwear around her waist with two hands, and then pulled it down forcefully. This time, her whole body, like me, was completely exposed without any cover. I looked at the beautiful and graceful body in my arms, and I couldn't help getting more excited, and then I aimed at her position and gently sat her on my body. I and she this war, is shocked, weeping ghosts and gods, it can be said to be a fight to turn the universe, the vast starry sky ah,tile profile factory, because I have endured so long desire finally in that Yan Ni's body completely liberated, and she was also made by me Jiao panting again and again, the whole body is limp down. jecatrims.com