How to Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error?

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Go through our finest blog guide to clear paper jam error from various areas of brother printers.

Are you in a hurry printing out some specifics that needs to be submitted on time and your Brother printer got jammed? In this article we will list you the possible chances for the Brother Printer jam along with the solutions that may keep you safe from the Brother printer paper jam error.

Possible reasons for Printer Paper Jam Error

Check the below general instructions to see if you can solve your paper jam error with Brother Printer

  • Paper standards
  • Command repetition
  • Check for any alien objects
  • Greased paper pick-up rollers
  • Outdated printer driver
  • Hardware issues

If these doesn’t help you solve the Brother Printer keeps jamming issue, you can follow the below mentioned quick solutions to get your printer back in its original track of printing.

Quick solutions to fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error

Brother printer users often experience the Paper Jam Error issue even after the jammed paper has removed from the printer. In that case, follow the below steps to clear the paper jam issue from the printer display.

Check the below printer parts to identify and eliminate the Brother Printer Paper Jam Error.

  1. Drum unit and toner cartridge

Turn off your printer and open the front cover. Leave the printer untouched for few minutes to hour since the surface remains hot. Now carefully take the drum unit and toner cartridge. Put them on a safe place. After that check if there is any jammed paper and close the front door.

  1. Paper tray

Next open the paper tray and see if there is any jammed paper. If so use both hands to gently pull that out from the printer.

  1. Back cover

Now open the back cover. Use a torch light to examine the area for any jammed paper.

  1. Fuser unit

Gently open the fuser tabs to open the fuser unit. If you find any jammed paper, use both hands to gently pull that out from the printer.

  1. Duplex tray

Pull out the duplex tray out of the machine and see if there is any jammed paper. If so use both hands to gently pull that out from the printer.

  1. Toner cartridges

Use the green lock lever to take the toner cartridge out from the drum unit. Once you have taken out the toner check the inside for any jammed papers and bits. Then put back the toner inside the drum unit and drum unit back into its place.

After putting back everything in its place, close the printer front cover. Check if the Ready led is on with error led lights off. You can try printing any document to check whether the Brother Printer keeps jamming issue has resolved or not.

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