Wolong gives birth to Tianlong Jia

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"Yes," said Fang Qi! It's just the next warrior. If I'm the only one planning,

"Yes," said Fang Qi! It's just the next warrior. If I'm the only one planning, give me another ten years, I'm afraid I can't think of a way to escape from the tomb of the living. Chuang Hsuan-chi said, "Your brother has a good plan, but without a brother like you who is highly skilled in martial arts, it would be very difficult for him to escape." Fang Qi said, "My younger brother's plan was precise, perfect, and impeccable. It was only when I, the elder brother, was carrying it out that I made a mistake. That's why I had such a result. I paid a great price. Four of my leaders died in the battle with the police. I also suffered more than ten wounds, and even my younger brother was seriously injured." Chuang Hsuan-chi said, "I am sad for the death of your four elder followers, but I am also happy that your brothers have escaped from the grave of the living. But, Brother Fang, this is not the end of the whole incident, but just the beginning." "I understand," said Fang Qi. "I'm confident that I can recover completely in three or five days. Besides, I've decided to follow the girl and do my best for justice in Jianghu. I'll avenge my four brotherly followers. But I only want one thing for Miss Zhuang....." Zhuang Xuanji answered, "Protect your brother's safety." "This is the only wish I have," said Fang Qi. "I hope the girl will agree." Chuang Hsuan-chi smiled and said, "Brother Fang,x52 line pipe, I can't promise you anything."? But I welcome you two to Xuanji Castle. What do you think of your brother? I want When he sobers up, it's up to him to decide. There are only two ways to follow in the present situation. One is for him to stay here and live and die with us, and the other is to hide his name in the streets and countryside. I don't think we can decide for him how to choose. Fang Qi nodded and said, "The girl is right. It's up to him to decide what should be done." With a sound. Then he said, "Is there no one chasing the grave of the living?" "No," said Chuang Hsuan-chi, "but this is just a period of calm before the big storm. I believe they will soon launch a very fierce offensive." Just listen to a faint voice, came over,uns c70600, said: "The longer the time, the more fierce the offensive." The speaker is Fang Zhen, I do not know when, he has come to his senses. Fang Qi said excitedly, "Brother, you are sober." Fang Zhen smiled and said, "My wound seems to have healed, but I'm still a little weak. If I eat something, I can recover." He didn't know martial arts and had just woken up from the catastrophe, but he didn't care about the importance of life and death. "What do you want to eat?" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi? I want them to prepare for you. "What is this place?" Asked Fang Bei. "Xuanji Fort in Luoyang," said Zhuang Xuanji. "What a pity," said Fang Zhen! Luoyang doesn't depend on the Yellow River. Otherwise, have a bowl of Yellow River carp soup. Zhuang Xuanji smiled and said, "Fortunately, there are still a few Yellow River carp in Xuanji Castle." "Add a little shredded ginger," said Fang Zhen. "I think it will taste better." Zhuang Xuanji said, x70 line pipe ,uns s32750 sheet, "The cooking skills in our Xuanji Castle are not too bad. You might as well taste them." "That's good," said Fang Zhen with a smile. "After I taste it, I'll tell you what's missing. What seasoning? He said so many words, really very hard, the last sentence, as if to use up all the strength of his body, immediately closed his eyes to rest. Fang Qi sighed and said, "Miss Zhuang, my younger brother has become crazy about reading and speaks wildly. Don't take it to heart." "How could it be?" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi? I'll cook carp soup for him. Fang Qi looked at Zhuang Xuanji's back and suddenly felt a sense of shame in his heart. Zhuang Xuanji's martial arts were by no means inferior to his, and she outsmarted him ten times, but she was so kind and gentle, but she relied on her skills to be domineering and domineering. She always felt superior to others, but now that she thinks of it, she has a very uneasy feeling. XXXXXXXXX Zhuang Xuanji personally brought a bowl of carp soup. There were only three people in the room, and Fang Qi was still sitting and breathing. Fang Zhen was still lying on his back on the wooden couch, his eyes closed tightly, and he seemed to be still in a coma. Zhuang Xuanji sighed and walked to Fang Zhen's wooden couch. "Brother Fang," he said in a low voice, "please eat the carp soup." Fang Zhen opened his eyes and said slowly, "It's a pity that I can't eat it, but I smell the fragrance." Chuang Hsuan-chi said to himself, He can't sit up, so I'll have to let him. Mind a turn, walked slowly close to the front of the wooden couch, jade hand lightly raised, unexpectedly from the Fang Zhen. After drinking a bowl of carp soup, Fang Zhen was immediately invigorated. He opened his eyes and said with a smile, "a chef in your house can be listed as a second-rate craftsman." "Is it just second-rate?" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi. Fang Zhen sighed and said, "First-class craftsmanship is really hard to eat." "Do you know, Brother Fang, who made this bowl of carp soup?" Chuang Hsuan-chi asked. "You," said Fang Zhen. "Oh," said Chuang Hsuan-chi! You already know. "I didn't know," said Fang Zhen, "but your question reminded me." "You're in good spirits now," said Chuang Hsuan-chi. "Yes," said Fang Zhen, "it's all the gift of this bowl of carp soup." Chuang Hsuan-chi smiled and said, "I'm very careful about this bowl of carp soup. Bai Xin cooked it well." "Yes," said Fang Zhen. "That's why I rate your craftsmanship as second-rate." Chuang Hsuan-chi smiled and asked, "Have you ever had first-class cooking?" Fang Zhen replied, "Yes, but only once." "Where is it?" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi. "The chef in the palace," said Fang Zhen. Chuang Hsuan-chi said, "It's time for you to be the Number One Scholar in the imperial kitchen." "Not bad," said Fang Zhen. "At the Qionglin banquet," said Chuang Hsuan-chi. "No," said Fang Zhen! Although Qionglin Banquet is a big imperial chef, it still can't eat first-class craftsmanship. "Where did you eat?" Asked Chuang Hsuan-chi. "In the inner palace." Zhuang Xuanji asked, "Who invited you to eat?" Fang Zhen smiled and said,uns s31803 sheet, "Princess." "What?" Asked Zhuang Xuanji. "The princess is the emperor's daughter," said Fang Zhen. "She wants you to recruit a son-in-law," said Chuang Hsuan-chi. "That's why I resigned and fled." "Are you afraid of being the emperor's son-in-law?" Chuang Hsuan-chi asked. 。 lksteelpipe.com