I hear you don't like me.

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Little Wei Xun hid in the corner and heard the eunuch outside sneer:

Little Wei Xun hid in the corner and heard the eunuch outside sneer: "The heart is higher than the sky, and life is thinner than paper.". Others love her like a cat, but she thinks she has fallen on the tip of the heart of others, and even tries to lay hands on the emperor's heir. You have only yourself to blame for falling into such a situation today. What does it mean that the heart is higher than the sky and life is thinner than paper? This cat, love, what is it? Wei Xun hugged his knees and did not understand what the people were saying. Five years old There are many masters in this palace, and no one will care about whether the people in the cold palace are well or not. In the evening, the eunuch only brought congee and cabbage, and Wei Xun only ate half of it-in fact, he was still very hungry, but this was his dinner with Mei Fei, and he had to leave a little for Mei Fei. Now is the cold winter, this year in charge of the cold palace matters Li Gonggong only sent a small amount of coal, not a few days to burn out, so the rest of the day can only be hard next to each other. Fortunately, Wei Xun was used to this kind of life, holding a ragged and damp quilt curled up on the bed, or soon fell asleep. Was forced to wake up in the middle of the night. Dyspnea, when he opened his eyes, he saw his blood mother holding his neck, her eyes red and swollen with tears,86 smart board, and she shouted angrily, "You are his child!"! His blood is on you! You owe me! Wei Xun tried to raise his hand and felt a burst of blackening in front of his eyes. He opened his mouth shakily and shouted with difficulty, "Mother and Concubine.." Let go of Ah Xun. Xun. Difficult. Suffer The voice seemed to arouse a little of Mei Fei's mind. She suddenly released her hands, retreated in shock, grabbed her hair and pulled desperately: "What am I doing?!"! I'm going to kill my son! Glancing at Wei Xun, who was dying on the bed, she seemed to be unable to bear it any longer. With a scream, she rushed out of the door. Wei Xun fell on the bed and coughed desperately. The neck is very uncomfortable,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, should be pinched out of the bruise, his eyes are empty, there is no joy of escape from death, the eye socket is dry, can not shed a tear. Nine years old There is no charcoal fire at all this winter. The food sent by the imperial kitchen was also worse than one day. After several serious illnesses over the years, Wei Xun gradually realized the importance of living. Mei Fei's sober time is getting shorter and shorter, and she has some tendency to self-harm. A few years ago, when she hit her head against the wall for the first time, Wei Xun was still afraid to stop her on the ground. Unexpectedly, she grabbed her head and hit her against the wall. As she hit her, she murmured, "Ah Xun, this world is very bitter. My mother will take you with her." Wei Xun's forehead soon bled. Fortunately, he reacted quickly, smart boards for conference rooms ,classroom interactive whiteboard, his body was small and flexible, and after biting his tongue and waking up, he pushed Mei Fei away and ran out. After that, once Mei Fei started to go crazy again, he just looked on coldly. Unexpectedly, she seemed determined to die this time. Wei Xun saw her hit the wall with unprecedented force, and then quickly fell to the ground, the blood on her forehead slowly trickled down her face and gathered into a pool of blood. I do not know out of what kind of mind, Wei Xun after a while ran out to call the palace maid and eunuch. Sure enough, she's dead. When the doctor told the news, Wei Xun realized that his heart had relaxed. He finally got rid of her. He was glad. Ten years old After that, everything went smoothly. Moved out of the cold palace, lived in the east five, although not as good as other princes, but at least every day to eat and drink, cold winter weather and charcoal. Everything was the best he could imagine. And started reading. Wei Wei and Wei Yan began to bully him when he entered school, deliberately threw away his books and ink, but also said some words to stimulate him, and finally found that he was a stuffy gourd who did not fight back, and gradually lost interest in him. Life is full and boring. Until one day, Shaofu took a little fat man's hand and came in. The child looked like a dumpling, dressed in green clothes, fresher than the willow leaves that had just emerged in spring, and greeted everyone with a warm smile. The voice is also glutinous: "Hello everyone, my name is Qi Shan, and my family calls me Ah Shan." Oh. Qi Shan. Wei Xun bowed his head and began to write again. At that time, he could not imagine that one day this dumpling would grow in his heart. Twelve years old Qi Shan is too clingy. Wei Xun just lay behind the rockery in the imperial garden for a while and heard Qi Shan's loud voice outside. She shouted, "Ah Xun!"! Xun! Are you playing hide and seek with me? Why doesn't she understand? He just disliked her for talking so much that he couldn't read. Wei Xun sighed, after all, he felt that his name was a bit ashamed to be shouted like this, and he answered lazily. When Qi Shan heard his voice, he ran excitedly to the rockery and looked down to see Wei Xun lying on a stone chair with a book. With bright eyes, she grinned and said, "Ah Xun, you hide so well." I thought it was hide and seek. Wei Xun frowned: "Qi Shan, have you finished reading the book that Shaofu asked you to read?" If you haven't finished it, go and read it quickly. Qi Shan confidently held his head high: "I have already finished reading!"! Shaofu tested me for a long time, but he still didn't get me down, so I came out to play with you right away. She is flamboyant and wanton, showing off her talent. Wei Xun had no choice but to sigh: "Then you can also take a book to read beside me." Qi Shan answered happily. Fourteen Wei Xun was suddenly adopted by the queen. When he went to Byrne, he didn't ask why. This palace struggle has never stopped, he only knows that the queen needs allies, and he also needs the support of the queen. He's a smart and ambitious kid. This is the queen's praise for him, she said lightly: "I just want you to throw away something you shouldn't have." Wei Xun said in a calm voice, "You can rest assured that I have never had those things." The queen then smiled with satisfaction. "That's a good thing." Eighteen Wei Xun was sent by the emperor to the south of the Yangtze River to control floods. He had sensed that this was a good omen, which meant that he had entered the eyes of the Lord, and once he had done well,smartboards in classrooms, the Lord had no reason to ignore him. Fortunately, he has done a good job, and the disaster is slowly improving. I just didn't expect to be ambushed on my way home. hsdsmartboard.com