Return of the King of Rebirth

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"Do you want to go to the movies?" Perhaps her stomach was warm and comfortable,

"Do you want to go to the movies?" Perhaps her stomach was warm and comfortable, and her whole body showed a sense of interest. She had planned to stay in her room all night reading materials, but now she had left them all behind. She only felt that it was a pity to waste such a good time on her work. Zi Mo touched the end of her hair that she didn't know when it was sticking up. "Good." So, after eating, they turned around a few blocks and found the most conspicuous cinema. Like ordinary couples, they queued up to buy tickets and popcorn, and went into the cinema hall to see the two-and-a-half-hour blockbuster that claimed to dominate the global box office. Sitting in the center, left and right are blonde couples, someone whispered in the bottom of the gentle conversation, Yunxi's eyes have not left the screen, Zizimo watched her fingertips stick a piece of popcorn to her lips, can not help but lean over and gently bite. Yunxi was stupefied and felt her fingertips moist. The next moment, her lips were occupied by someone. The sweet taste came from between her lips and teeth. Her eyes, which had always been deep and silent, were shining in the dark. Well, before she closed her eyes, she thought quietly that this kiss had the taste of popcorn. After watching a movie, the characters in the movie were thrilling, but Yunxi ended up watching the movie in all kinds of advantages. Someone more than enough to wipe her lips, will be a trace of silver hook, squint over the corner of the eye with a tarsal hook soul, Yunxi admitted that the male sex, no one can match his height. Probably because the two of them had been sitting still,large inflatable water slide, many people looked at this, and Yunxi had no choice but to pull someone away. Back to the hotel, it was getting late. Yunxi's room was a suite. He lived with her as before, but he didn't sleep in the same room. After they washed up, they leaned on the sofa and watched TV. Suddenly, he reached out and touched her jaw. What's the matter? Yunxi looked up at him, a little confused about his mind. Nothing. She lowered her head and smiled. Seeing that her chin was not as sharp as it had been a few days ago, she kissed her contentedly. "Go to bed early." Never knowing why someone would suddenly call to come to New York, Yunxi seemed to feel something,Inflatable dry slide, touched his chin, shook his head and smiled. However, that smile, with a different kind of quiet, seems to be the person in the painting smiling at the mirror. The next day, at eight o'clock in the morning, everyone, including Liu Jin and Chao Fan, came to the conference room refreshed. I combed through all the information at hand, and at half past eight, all the firms and lawyers in New York had reached. The people on both sides greeted each other politely, without much nonsense, and soon got down to business. Both sides are teams that pay great attention to efficiency. When dozens of people get together, they are all looking through the information for a while. However, this is only the beginning. When everyone found out the details and began to discuss in depth, the morning could almost be described as a fall on one's back. In the closed conference room, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable water obstacle course, there are voices of quarreling from time to time. When there is disagreement, the two sides are not willing to give way. This feeling is not like a partner, but more like a defense in court. Without putting forward an argument, the other side is trying its best to find out where the argument is weak, and then hit the other side with a heavy punch. Some partners are accustomed to the way of mitigation, but the local elites found by Yunxi and Chao Fan are obviously more accustomed to standing on the opposite side to find the loopholes in the whole listing plan, and then propose to repair them. Formally speaking, this "cooperation" is no different from "confrontation", but anyone with less energy will be crushed by this shackle. Fortunately, the people of Jinmao International have long been ready to fight a protracted battle. They should argue when they should argue and listen when they should listen. The other side is also very professional, and their opinions are very sincere and to the point. It is only because of some regional factors in the city that there is some deadlock. At noon, the hotel customer service delivered the working meal, the people on both sides ate quietly, Zizimo took a look at Yunxi, fingertips gently knocked on the table. Chao Fan saw clearly, the fundus of the ink flashed a touch of dark, just thought he was going to put forward something, did not think, he actually turned around and went out. About half an hour later, he came back with a small thermos cup in his hand. Yunxi, come here. "He waved to her, and suddenly all the people in Jinmao International pretended not to hear anything, but pricked up their ears in an instant.". Surprised, Yunxi followed him to a small room next to the conference room. He opened the thermos cup. Suddenly, a strong smell came out: "Have some soup." Delicious food and fast food, even if it is made by a five-star hotel, are still the same. Seeing her looking over with a surprised face, Zizimo took the lid of the cup and said, "Drink while it's hot." Yunxi took a sip and tasted the soup from the wonton shop yesterday, but this time it was not bone soup but real fish soup. A bowl of soup went down, delicious, and the whole person's spirit came up. Looked up, looked at someone, she could not help, suddenly God came to a pen: "Zizimo, I found that you are really a necessary good product for business travel." How can someone who is so cold and noble disappoint people? He lowers his head, leans close to her ear, kisses her earlobe, and smiles softly: "Not only that, but I also have it at home. Would you like to try it?" Chapter 179 why are you here? "Home..". Necessary? Wu Nong's soft language is wet and slippery. Zi Mo listened to the almost murmuring voice in his ear, and his face almost suddenly tightened. Looking down, I saw that the ethereal eyes were slowly covered with a layer of fog, and the light overhead shone straight down, reflecting the color of the water in her eyes was somewhat unreal. She looked up, close to his lips, blurred a smile, look enchanting, see the ink instantly closed the palm of the hand. But she seemed to hook her lips with interest, and a breath of confusion rose from the ground, and at that moment, there was an evil charm all over her body. The hands lying on his chest stretched slightly, pulling the distance a little farther. Grow your eyes and stand on tiptoe slowly. Yunxi's lips are getting closer and closer to his lips. She felt a little breathless,Inflatable water park factory, and at this moment, her eyes could hardly move away, falling straight on her moist red lips. The Adam's apple shrugged slightly and gave out a very slight gasp. joyshineinflatables.com