Journey to the East

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Yin, home late smoke, mountain seal crescent moon. My husband thought to himself, "It is disrespectful to knock at the door at dusk.

Yin, home late smoke, mountain seal crescent moon. My husband thought to himself, "It is disrespectful to knock at the door at dusk.". Is to stay at the foot of the mountain. How about seeing Laojun and Wanqiu in the unknown future? wWw。 xiaoshuo txt.coM The origin of Laojun Taoism Little xiaoshuo said txt heaven Said Laojun, Taishang Laojun also. Four of them were born. In the Shang, Tang, and Zhou Dynasties, they were deified and transformed into Qi. They were born at the age of eighty-one when the daughter of King Miao was born. On the 15th day of the second month of Gengchen, Wu Ding, they were born in Qurenli, Lai Township, Kuxian County, Chu. They came from their mother's left bowels and were born under a plum tree. They pointed to the tree and said, "This is my surname.". When he was born, his head was white, his face was yellow and white, his forehead had towering veins, the sun and moon were hanging, his ears were long and his eyes were short, his nose was pure bone and double pillars, his ears had three leaks, he had a beautiful beard, a broad forehead and sparse teeth, a square mouth, he stepped on the earthly branch, and he held the heavenly stem in his hand. His surname was Li's ear, and his courtesy name was Boyang. His nickname was Laozi, and his nickname was Laodan. When king Wu, make for the history of the pillar. At the time of King Cheng, he was still a historian under the pillar, traveling to the West Pole Tianzhu and other countries. During the reign of King Kang, he returned to the Zhou Dynasty and was later invited to travel to the Western Regions of Kaihua. Is to the king of Zhou thirty-three years, driving green ox car,coltan ore processing, letter valley. Shouguan make Yin Xi know, for the truth. Yin Xi, the word official document, Tianshui people, when the first mother when pregnancy, dream of the sky down red lines on the upper body. Father is happy. When I was born, I saw that the land at home was full of lotus flowers. And long, eyes have white essence, safe shape, long beard hanging under the shoulder chest, seems to have the appearance of God. Be less studious and better at astronomy. When King Kang of the Zhou Dynasty was a doctor, he looked up at Gan Xiang and saw that there was purple gas in the east. He knew that there was a sage who should pass the pass to the west,Portable gold trommel, so he asked for the order of Hangu Pass. In advance, he said to the Guan official Sun Jing, "If there is a description of a special custom, the chariot, the clothes, and the earth should be unusual when passing through the customs, and you should look for traces of it." In the thirty-third year of the reign of the king of Zhou, on the twelfth day of the seventh month, Laojunguo took Bai Yu and drove Qingniu. Xu Jia was the emperor and wanted to pass the pass. Guan Li Bai Xi. "Now I have seen the sage," he exulted. That is, the court dress goes out to greet, kneel down and kowtow. Inviting him, he said, "Please be careful." Laojun thanked him, saying, "I am poor, humble, old, and clumsy. I live in Kanto. I am now going to Kansai to get my salary. Why do you want to stay?"? And say goodbye. "Is the Great Sage the one who takes the salary?" He asked? Knowing that the sage should come to the West, he longed for a day and wished to rest less. Laojun said, "I have heard that there is an ancient gentleman on the road of Jian Guan. A good man does nothing, and there is always continuity. This is the way of the body.". Experiencing the pass, why did the son stay? He added with joy, small gold wash plant ,Carbon in Pulp, "When you look at the Great Sage today, his spirit and appearance are absolutely different. He is the supreme one in heaven. How can the officials on the border hang their teeth?"? "May I not be abandoned, and may I not be pitied." Laojun said, "What do you see and know?" Xi said, "In the tenth month of last winter, the heavenly holy star passed through Ang in the west. From this month, the new moon melts and the wind comes three times. The True Qi of the east begins with the dragon and snake and reaches to the west. This is the sign of the great sage. Therefore, we know that there must be a sage passing through the pass." Laojun smiled happily and said, "Good!"! The son knows me, and I know the son. If you have the supernatural power, you should be able to live in the world. Xi bowed down again, saying, "If you dare to ask the name of the Great Sage, can you hear it?" Laojun said, "My surname is very small, and I have been here since the robbery, and I cannot say all about it.". His surname is Li and his courtesy name is Boyang. Xi then went to the official residence, set up a seat to make offerings, and performed the disciple ceremony. Laojun is happy to stay under the pass for more than a hundred days, pass on to the outside to cultivate the true method. At that time, Xu Jia, the ruler of Laojun, made an appointment with Laojun at a young age, saying, "I wish that when the money arrives at the pass, I will have 7300000 it." When a saw Laojun's words, he said that he was anxious to ask for money. Laojun said to him, "I have gone to take all the countries far away. I will reward you with gold." A, as promised. And to close, rice green cattle in the wild. Laojun wanted to try it, so he turned Reineckia carnea into a beautiful woman and went to the place where the cattle were herded. He wanted to play with words. Armour of confusion, to stay, hence negative before about. Then, after receiving the order, he sued Laojun for money. Laojun said to Jia, "You have been with me for more than two hundred years, and you should have died for a long time. I have given you the amulet of Taixuan, so that you have been born to this day.". Why don't you read this instead of suing me? At the end of the speech, the amulet flew out from the mouth of the armor, and the seal was as new as a new seal. A becomes a mass of bones. Xi Nai kowtowed to Jia and asked him to forgive his sins in order to live again. Laojun threw Taixuan Shengfu into him, and Jia was born. Xi is to pay for the armour with money and send it with ceremony. One day Laojun exulted, saying, "I once told you, Mr. Gu, that my body had been transformed into Zhu Gan. Will it be returned now?"? No, I am traveling today! Xi kowtows to please wait on him. Laojun said, "I swim on the surface of heaven and earth, between the four dimensions and the eight poles, up and down.". If you want to follow me, how can you get it? Xi said, "Go into the fire, go to the soup, go down to the earth, and go up to heaven. I will die in ashes. I wish to follow the Great Immortal.". "Laojun said," It is difficult for you. You should be in harmony with the Tao and the Dharma. Although you have received the Tao more and more shallowly and have not been able to communicate with the spirit, how can you change with my body? You should cultivate this way, and after a long time, you will naturally become a way and become a country. Then reply to the moral five Ding words, period to a thousand days, can find me in Shu, green sheep shop also. At the end of the speech, he stood in the air and sat on the cloud. His face was bright and his body was shining with golden light. He was in the ten directions of the cave. Ran Ran Dan was full of light and candles. The five-color clouds in the house appeared for a long time. Happy eyes break the clouds, tears in love. On that day, the rivers rose, the mountains and rivers shook, and there were five colors of light shooting into the sky, which spread all over the four directions. Xi Sui narrated Laojun's method of managing the country and cultivating one's moral character, eliminating extravagance and eliminating desire, and compiled it into 36 chapters, called Xisheng Jing. The joy is to hold off human affairs. Within three years, he practiced the elixir of mercury,manganese beneficiation plant, and all the books he taught were perfect. He wrote nine books under the name of Guan Yinzi. To twenty-five years, to the west Shu, looking for green sheep. ore-magnetic-mining.com