Legend of the Thief God Reborn from Other World

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Of course Singh can't agree. If he agrees, who will play. Singh racked his brains and finally asked Shuke to come forward to help him lie, which deceived the two shrewd girls.

Of course Singh can't agree. If he agrees, who will play. Singh racked his brains and finally asked Shuke to come forward to help him lie, which deceived the two shrewd girls. The game has started. Why hasn't the little thief come yet? The spectators in the stands were a little worried and looked around with long necks. Haha, I think the little thief is afraid and dare not come. You should know that this time the thief's opponent is the second place in the last Mercenary King Challenge, the Great Sword Master Bojinyi. There are also some people who are not optimistic about Singh and think that Singh has not arrived yet and is throwing in the towel. Hear this word, 'thief God' support in the heart also some wavered. Yeah, can a thief and a great swordsman win a head-on duel? Thief is a profession that has never heard of any other powerful thief except the famous Thoreau. At this time, Singh finally arrived, and he jumped into the duel field at a high speed. "Wheezy, wheezy." Singh bent over and gasped for breath for a long time before he said, "Sorry, I'm late.". ‘ Bokinyi was somewhat unhappy. He pouted and snorted coldly, "Boy, can you still fight? If not, admit defeat as soon as possible!" "You, if you're in a hurry, start!" Singh raised his head, swallowed a mouthful of spit, made a gesture, and said without a care. Bo Jinyi is also not polite.: | The King of Soldiers Challenge is different from the competitive competition. It does not have so many requirements. It can bring pets. Bokinyi has seen Singh's game and has a certain understanding of him. Although these understandings are superficial, it makes him even more afraid to drag on. He doesn't want to be beaten down in a few minutes like the previous ones. When Singh saw his opponent summoning a pet, he didn't think much about it and immediately summoned one. Singh doesn't want to waste time with his opponent. If he solves the battle early and flashes early,Nail machine supplier, there will be more flaws after a long time. In order to hide his identity, Singh did not dare to recruit his seven gold medal enforcers, just casually from the Dragon Ring team. An earth snake was released from the regiment. 'swish, swish! ' Two purple half-meter-long thunderbolts spat out of the lightning leopard's mouth and shot at Singh and his earth snake respectively. Then Bokinyi rushed at Singh with his generous sword. When the two bolts of lightning were about to fly in front of Singh, the mouth of his earth snake opened slightly, and an earthen wall suddenly emerged from the ground not far in front of it, resisting the two bolts of lightning. It was the first time that the earth snake had accompanied Singh in battle alone, and he hoped that he would follow Singh to eat and drink spicy food all day like his eldest brother Erbing. However, it has never had a chance to perform. Today, it is not easy for the owner to summon him to help. Can he not work hard. Singh turned his head and smiled at the earth snake. He really deserved to be his pet. He didn't embarrass him. He didn't panic at all when he fought, and he seemed very excited. The pets have shown their faces, Nail Making Machine manufacturers ,wire nail machine manufacturers, and it's time for the owners to take action. When Singh saw Bokinyi rushing over, he hurriedly stood in front of the earth snake and shouted, "Poison!" People in the stands saw the little thief quickly put his hand into his arms, quickly pulled out a blue jade bottle, and raised his hand to Bojinyi's face. Ah Then the audience heard only a scream. Of course, the heart-rending screams came from Bokinyi's mouth. He covered his face with his hands and kept rubbing his eyes with a painful expression. Hey hey, of course painful, who was splashed by pepper water eyes can not be painful. The main reason why Singh used such a despicable trick was that he wanted to end the battle quickly. As for magic, he can't use it. It's too shocking for thieves to know magic. If Singer had used magic today, he would have been exposed in a few days. Singh said he did not think there was any shame in doing so. Do you want the thief and the swordsman to fight against each other? Who would be so stupid. Never heard of it? Whether it's a black cat or a white cat, it's a good cat that can catch mice. Xin agrees with this sentence, so he will do so. The lightning leopard heard his master's screams and rushed over to protect him. Earth wall! Singh turned his head and shouted at the snake. The earth snake immediately understood what the master meant. "Bang!" The earth wall more than half a meter thick was knocked down by the thin lightning leopard. However, its condition is not that good to go, the lightning leopard's body hair flutters, does not stop hitting shakes, the station is unstable, looks like is bumps confusedly. However, Singh has no time to deal with it at this time. He has to hurry up to deal with the owner of the lightning leopard. Take advantage of your illness and kill you. Singh still has a lot of experience in this sentence, not at this time, but when. Singh grabbed Bokinyi's sword and punched him hard on the chin, a beautiful uppercut. Bokinyi was flown out by Singh, and you can imagine the power of Singh's punch. Singh, of course, will not stop. He hurried after him, caught Bokinyi flying in the air, and slowly helped him stop. Seeing this, the spectators in the stands around all opened their mouths wide, their faces were full of surprised expressions, and they looked at the two people in the center of the arena in puzzlement. But Singh's intentions were soon revealed. Singh quickly supported Bokinyi, and his right hand was quietly placed on his waist in his surprise and ignorance. The corners of Singh's mouth turned up slightly and he laughed lasciviously. Suddenly, his right hand pulled Bokinyi's belt out, and Singh quickly squatted down, pulling down his leather shorts and tearing them apart. Finally, Singh kicked Bokinyi on his white buttocks and threw him down before he stopped. Turning around, Singh walked over to the lightning leopard. Singh came up to it, grabbed it by the neck with both hands, and then rolled over and sat on the back of the lightning bag,Nail production machine, trying to press it to the ground. But Singh never expected that he would wake up the Lightning Leopard like this. Ah There was another scream. This time, however, it was Singh who was injured. Singh was so careless that he ignored the fact that the lightning leopard could discharge magic. 3shardware.com