Be frightened step by step

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With a slight pause, I looked ahead and said, "I am a man who is afraid of death. It is not worth keeping." Then he ran away.

With a slight pause, I looked ahead and said, "I am a man who is afraid of death. It is not worth keeping." Then he ran away. From now on, you and I are strangers! Why can't you promise me? Why do we have to fight for the throne? What's the point of marrying you if I can't save your life? The road ahead can not see happiness, what is the meaning of my grievance? I knew you wouldn't say yes, but I lied to myself and asked again. Why can't you say yes? He stumbled all the way, his feet were weak, and he fell to the ground. This time there was no one around to help me. My face is buried in the snow, my body is cold, and my heart is colder. Want to climb up, feet suddenly a pain, and lie back in the snow, do not care to see where the injury, only feel the pain in the heart, the whole person so lying in the snow, face against the ice and snow, motionless. In my mind, I just thought about the way he wore a black cloak and a black bamboo hat. In the snowflakes, he walked slowly beside me. Scenes seem like yesterday, but today is the end of the world. Who is this? Why are you lying still in the snow? Listen to the voice is thirteen, my heart is sad, the body did not move. Thirteen stretched out his hand to help me up. His face was full of horror. He threw the snow on his face and head for me and asked,impact beam tubes, "Ruoxi?!"! What's going on? Did you hurt yourself? Then he helped me up and looked down at my whole body carefully. The four elder brothers standing next to him also looked surprised. Ignoring their amazement, I whispered to Shisan, "Send me back!" Thirteen asked me, "Can I go?" I shook my head. Now my feet hurt when I stand. I'm sure I can't walk. He slightly pondered, took a look at the four elder brother, bent down and said: "I carry you back!" " I nodded, holding his back and trying to lie on his back. But the fourth elder brother took a big step, supported me,side impact door beams, and said to thirteen, "You go and ask someone to carry her back with a rattan drawer and a spring stool.". There is no reason for the elder brother to carry the maid of honor, let people see, will only cause unnecessary trouble! I'm not in a hurry for a while. As soon as he heard this, he quickly straightened up and said, "I'm in a hurry. I'm really not careful." As he spoke, he hurried away. I stood on one foot with the strength of his hand. The brain is wooden, as if I had thought a lot, and as if I had not thought about anything. The original heartache is unbearable, and rational analysis can not alleviate the pain of the heart. The fourth elder brother has been standing quietly with me. He was grieving and aching. "If you really want to humiliate yourself, you'd better do it in a closed room.". Not in front of everyone, since it is possible to be disturbed and obstructed, fall into the excuse, but also can not enjoy! My brain seemed to be frozen stiff, and it took me a long time to find out the meaning of his words. Just now his heart was dead, stainless steel 304 pipes ,cold drawn tubes, but now he was furious again. I tried to shake off his hand, but his arm did not move, and his hand was still on my arm. I stared at him. He looked at me unmoved and asked in a faint voice, "Do you want to sit in the snow?" With that, I let go of my hand. One leg could not exert myself, and the other leg was stiff. I had no support. I shook my body and fell down in the snow. I looked at him angrily in disbelief. No one had ever done this to me! He looked down at me with a calm expression. In a moment of anger, I grabbed a handful of snow from the ground and threw it at him. He turned his head slightly sideways, and I quickly grabbed a snowball and threw it at him, and he dodged again. He looked mockingly at me as I sat on the ground fuming. Said lightly: "I can lie still in the snow, but now just let you sit for a while, what can't you stand?" I felt so angry that I stared at him bitterly. With a sneer on his lips, he said, "Look at you now."? Do you expect others to take pity on you? Holding the snow in his hand, he knew it was useless to throw it again. I hate him very much, but I can do nothing about him. Why are you sitting in the snow? Thirteen came quickly to help me get up and looked doubtfully at the fourth elder brother. The fourth elder brother calmly asked the two eunuchs who carried the spring stool to get up. The eunuch helped me to sit down on the spring stool. Thirteen told them to send me back and ask the Imperial Physician to take good care of me. I lowered my head and peeked at the four elder brothers, looking at the thirteen and the eunuchs with a faint expression, and did not pay attention to me. Thirteen exhorted, the eunuchs carrying the spring stool from the side of thirteen and four elder brother, I took advantage of four elder brother unprepared, a mistake and close, the hand has been holding the snow ball on his robe. In fact, I want to throw it in his face, but I really don't have the heart of a bear and the courage of a leopard. But even so, the gas in my heart has disappeared a lot. Thirteen behind him gave a'ah 'and laughed again. I couldn't help turning my head slightly sideways and peeking at it. Thirteen was looking at the snow on the robe of the fourth elder brother and laughing. The fourth elder brother, with a smile in his eyes, was facing my hidden line of sight. I was confused and quickly turned my head. The anger faded away, and the pain in the feet was felt, but it was the heart that was more painful. 'Nothing More from now on! ' …… When I was on the prairie, I thought about this sentence again and again, but there was always some hope left. I didn't think that the world was like this. I thought I would give up my stubbornness, endure the embarrassment of sisters serving a husband, and change my ways to please him. Maybe I could hold his heart, but it was just so so! He won't stay for me. Volume I, Chapter 41 Because of the injury on my foot, I have difficulty in moving, and everything depends on the jade sandalwood. Jade sandalwood gathered the stove for me every day, and put it in place before I went to do my own thing. I am three points of injury, seven points of lazy heart, do not want to move, can sit motionless all day, watching the smoke of the fumigation stove. You can also stare at a book for half a day without turning a page. Often pick up the pen to practice calligraphy, but only to grind ink, to be aware of, looking at a full inkstone table ink, and no mood to pick up the pen. Yu Tan said that eight elder brothers could not go to court because of exogenous cold. After hearing this, I still felt pain in my heart and felt that the food in my mouth was as hard as pig iron and hard to swallow, so I had to put down my bowls and chopsticks. The original still can not be completely cut off, even if the heart has a sword. Exogenous cold,beam impact tubes, is that day or later? Did he freeze in the snow? Is it serious?.. On the one hand, he warned himself that his affairs had nothing to do with me from now on, but he always found himself thinking again. cbiesautomotive.com