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"I've been wondering about a problem." Chen Hao asked slowly, "Every time you do that, does No.0 have to have an enema?"

"I've been wondering about a problem." Chen Hao asked slowly, "Every time you do that, does No.0 have to have an enema?" Tang Bai really couldn't stand it any more. He jumped out of his chair, rushed straight to the bathroom, and vomited wildly. Chen Hao followed him in with an expressionless face, leaning against the wall and looking at him with his arms folded. What's going on? Too much to drink? "It's okay." Tang Bai waved his hand feebly. Oh, it's all right. Then you should have experience. Can you tell me if you have an enema when you *** with someone? Otherwise there will be a smell. Tang Bai paralyzed, "eldest brother, uncle, I beg you not to say, I am not GAY, really not." "No?" He sighed and said, "It's a pity. I came here today just to try it with you. I heard that the first 0 would be more painful, and I couldn't do it for several days." God, kill me. How did I meet such a pervert. Tang Bai lamented. Brother, I was wrong. Really, I dare not any more. I will sacrifice your wife like a Bodhisattva in the future. I beg you not to say anything. "Oh, yes." Chen Hao shrugged his shoulders. "Let's go to dinner. I'm hungry." In the bathroom, Tang Bai looked up to the sky and sighed: "Chen Hao, you are a pervert." The author has something to say: Some people say that they have not seen the original, then send it here, idle is also idle,Concealed Flush Valve, look at the happy, to tell the truth, I like this. Chen Haojing sat in front of the bar and began to drink. Tang Bai followed him like an angry daughter-in-law and sat next to him and ordered a drink. A thin boy with dyed chestnut hair came up to him and put his hand on his arm. Can you buy me a drink? Tang Bai shook, turned his head, looked at his face, which was whiter than a woman's, and motioned to the bartender to serve the wine. The boy talked a lot, and his weak chest rubbed against his arm as his body swayed. According to past habits,Stainless Steel Toilet China, Tang Baizao punched him and let him roll, but today Chen Hao is here, and he can't let go. He had no choice but to drink one cup after another with a bitter face. Do not know how long, Chen Hao finally stood up, "go to the bathroom?" "Go, go." Tang Bai quickly jumped out of his chair and followed him. As soon as he entered the bathroom, he was pushed against the wall with great force. His back hurt. When he opened his mouth to scold, he saw Chen Hao's dangerous eyes. What are you doing? Tang Bai wanted to push him away, but sadly found that Chen Hao, who was not tall and strong, was stronger than himself. Chen Hao did not speak, and the arm pressing on Tang Bai's neck made a slight effort to stop his struggle. Do you like me very much? He narrowed his eyes and exhaled straight into Tang Bai's face. You let me go first. Tang Bai blushed. How could he answer this? In fact, to put it bluntly, he himself was not very clear, especially after he was hit by five thunderbolts just now. Have you thought about it? I'll only be number one. Chen Hao's legs were forced between Tang Bai's legs, Stainless Steel Prison Toilet ,Flush Retrofit Kit, slightly bending against a certain part of him. You want it? "You're crazy! Let go!" After struggling hard for a few times, Tang Bai was frightened. Answer me? You want it? Tang Bai looked at Chen Hao's slightly narrowed eyes, looked at his lips getting closer and closer, felt the pressure getting tighter and tighter somewhere, and finally roared away from him, holding the basin and spitting wildly. After vomiting, he finally shook his head as he looked at Chen Hao, who was leaning against the wall with his arms folded. He knew that if he dared to nod, the pervert would dare to *** him here. In the evening, Tang Bai lies in bed with AV in the TV and GV in the computer. Watching AV, he is burning with desire and passion; watching GV, his heart is stirring and his throat is itching. Finally, he looked up to the sky and roared: "*** your grandma, Chen Hao, I am straight, straighter than the TM wire pole!" Chapter 15 Su Xiaomo calmly removed the video head that he had only bought for a few days and put it in the drawer. Chen Hao came back very late that night and didn't play games. He just sent her a text message to let her go to bed early. He didn't say anything about the video and what happened in the afternoon. Su Xiaomo was naturally embarrassed to mention it again, and the matter of the video came to nothing. She comforted herself by not knowing that his appearance was good and that he would forget more easily when he was separated. The network is very sad, two people who are very close in the game may pass each other in reality but do not know each other. She was a little distressed to think that there would be such a day with Chen Hao. "At the end, how much experience have you had?" "The difference is 28% 87." "How many lucky stars?" "Aries 56, Taurus 32, Virgo 168, Sagittarius 97." "All right, eat all these stars and you'll be 90." "Huh?"? Can you figure that out? For Su Xiaomo, who needs to rely on a calculator for a catty of cabbage of 35 cents or 6 catties, this mental arithmetic ability is amazing. Su Xiaomo ate the stars and watched the upgraded light envelop him again and again. I'm really 90. "Yes, I see it." "Huh?"? Where are you? "Up there." She looked up and saw him in midair on stilts. How did you get up there? He jumped in front of her, picked her up, kissed her, and ran to the stilted house. Although they have been married for several months and have kissed many times, Su Xiaomo can't help blushing every time, especially recently, every time she is kissed by him, her little heart begins to jump a few times for the occasion. Originally, this building can go up from the back. Su Xiaomo was suddenly enlightened. Many places in this game can go up, such as the top of the imperial palace in the capital, such as the desert where I take you to hang up every day. "Wow, I never knew." "It's no use knowing. You can't go up anyway." Put her on the second floor. "Jump into the air." "Huh?"? How to jump? "Call the mount immediately after clicking the Flying Skill." He demonstrated, "That's it, the faster you call the mount, the higher the landing point." "I'll try." Once, twice, three times, Su Xiaomo sweated, stood below and raised his head, "I can't go up." "Oh, stupid." He sighed, jumped down, and traded with her,Time Delay Faucet, "to give you equipment." "No, I can use 90 of my equipment, just add a weapon." "Your equipment is not good." Su Xiaomo saw the equipment in the trading column and immediately cancelled it. cnkexin.com