The powerful minister was reborn.

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Smiling, he put another shuttlecock into Ying Yan's arms and said happily, "Take it first. When the banquet is over, we'll go to the pony farm."

Smiling, he put another shuttlecock into Ying Yan's arms and said happily, "Take it first. When the banquet is over, we'll go to the pony farm." Ying Yan restrained his emotions and smiled. "Good." Over there, Chen Wenyu is reading the imperial edict. When Yao Guifei received the order to thank him, he finally stopped looking at Ying Yan out of the corner of his eye, but raised his whole eyes to see. As soon as he entered Guanfeng Tower, he saw her. In a crowd of empresses and concubines beauty, Ying Yan's appearance is still outstanding, to sit there, is the immortal beauty. Today, she wore a light blue jacket, embroidered with rich and lingering patterns at the neckline, and a goose-yellow high-waisted skirt with precious patterns, which was dignified and elegant. From the right arm around the left shoulder, an orange-dyed round pattern of silk adds a bit of brilliance to the slender and exquisite posture. He always knew that Ying Yan disguised herself as a man for more than ten years, but she was the youngest daughter, and she loved beauty very much. He could even imagine the way she chose a red belt to tie around her chest because she didn't think the color of her clothes was rich enough, and then tied a rosette with a smile. But she didn't look at him. In the past, wherever they met,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, she would wink at him slyly, but now she ignored him. When did it become like this between two people? Chen Wenyu thought, probably from Ying Yan met Xie Yun. Ying Yan did not know when Chen Wenyu left, nor did he know whether he stayed in Guanfeng Tower or returned to Jiulong Hall. After the twenty-eight prince Ying Yu finished the ceremony of catching Zhou, not long after, the big palace maid beside Yao Guifei came over with a smile. She saluted and said, "Your Highness Fushou,saw palmetto extract, the ceremony of seizing the Zhou Dynasty has been completed. Please move down to bless Your Highness 28." Yao Guifei had already said in the invitation that she was lucky. Ying Yan did not doubt that she had it. She got up with her skirt and left with the maid. After two steps, Ying Yan paused. He looked back and told Ying Kuan, "Brother Ten, I'll be right back. Don't go." Her ten elder brothers always have no patience, if she is in Yao Guifei that delay for a long time, perhaps Ying Kuan turns around to forget the matter of kicking shuttlecock. Ying Kuan smiled and waved his hand magnanimously. "I won't move. I'll wait for you here." Ying Yan was relieved to leave. The empresses and concubines on one side paid attention to the movement on the table, and when they saw the style of Yao Guifei, they knew that she wanted to win over His Highness Fushou. "Your Highness Fushou has good luck," he said to himself. "A prophecy from Qin Tianjian saved her from the crime of deceiving the emperor. She also made her ascend to heaven in one step and became the favorite princess of Emperor Yongan. The luck of the imperial concubine Yao is also good, just gave birth to a prince, led by the imperial concubine Xiao is looking forward to a few concubines, and discussed as if to offend the holy face one after another, one after another out of favor, the result let Yao Yueyi this unknown beauty became an imperial concubines. Is it not good luck for two people with such good luck to make friends? Thinking of this, naringenin price ,carnosic acid price, the imperial concubines could not help twisting the handkerchief, secretly jealous, such good luck, how can it not be their turn. As everyone knows, this good luck, three points of providence, seven points of man-made. Ying Yan followed the palace maid into the Guanfenglou Warm Pavilion. As soon as I entered the room, I saw a well-dressed woman holding a child in her arms, drooping her neck and coaxing her softly. "Your Highness Fushou has arrived, Empress," said the maid who led her in. Hearing the voice, Yao Guifei turned around with the child in her arms and smiled in her fox eyes. "Your Highness Lao Fushou has come to add good fortune to the domain." As she spoke, she walked over to Ying Yan, charming and charming. Yao Guifei's voice was charming, and she held the child in her arms and gave him a gift. "This palace has thanked his fourteen elder sisters in advance." Ying Yan smiled and said, "It's a simple task. The imperial concubine needn't be so polite." With these words, she reached for the lucky bag handed over by the maid of honor next to her and tied it to the twenty-eight princes. Although Ying Yu is young, his skin is milky white and his facial features are lovely. He can already see that he is a handsome little prince. He opened a pair of round black eyes, looked at Ying Yan, curiously stretched out his little arm and waved, milky voice: "Sister.." Elder sister Not only is Ying Yu curious about Ying Yan, but Ying Yan is also curious about Ying Yu. She had never seen a child before, but when she saw such a beautiful child, she could not help smiling. At the same time, Yao Guifei began to look at Ying Yan without any trace. A little girl of fifteen or sixteen, born with apricot face and peach cheeks, is as beautiful as a lotus, especially beautiful with a pair of misty peach blossom eyes, clean as a piece of black jade. The line of sight further down, is a pair of exquisite body. Yao Guifei felt a trace of clarity in her heart. No wonder Chen Wenyu was concerned and asked her to make a deep friendship with him. A poor little princess, beautiful appearance, which man does not love? Even eunuchs cannot avoid vulgarity. Unfortunately, this down-and-out little phoenix has become an unreachable pearl in a twinkling of an eye. As soon as Ying Yan had tied the lucky bag, she heard the imperial concubine Yao ask with a smile, "Your Highness, do you want to hug Yu'er?" Ying Yan made a movement in his hand and smiled shallowly. "I haven't held a child before, and I don't know the strength of my hand." It's already a euphemistic refusal. The beauties in her father's palace bloomed and withered like flowers, changing one after another, which is in line with the saying that flowers are not red for a hundred days. Even the position of the imperial concubine has been changed by three people. It took Yao Yueyi such a short time to become an imperial concubine. Is it just luck? Ying Yan doesn't think so. This Yao Guifei is a woman who is not easy to mess with. And she has been out of the palace, there is no reason to provoke harem disputes. Yao Guifei did not expect Ying Yan to refuse so simply and neatly, and then look at her as if she was about to leave, revealing everywhere that she had no intention of associating with her. Yao Guifei was in a hurry and was about to say something when she saw that Ying Yu seemed to understand and stretched out two small hands. The child's voice was milky and soft, and he stammered, "Sister.." Hug.. Yao Guifei was surprised and delighted, and did not want the child to understand her mind so well. She reacted quickly and took advantage of the situation. Holding the child in her arms,ghana seed extract, she handed it to Ying Yan and jokingly said, "Yu'er likes His Highness Fushou very much." Seeing those ignorant eyes, Ying Yan hesitated for a moment. It was in this moment that Ying Yu curled his mouth as if he were going to cry. prius-biotech.com